How to Complete the Wagering on a Casino Bonus

All the best mobile and online casinos offer new customers a welcome bonus, be it a no deposit bonus, a matched deposit freebie or a promotion based on your wagers but all of these bonuses have wagering requirements that must be completed before you can profit. Here we explain the best ways to complete the casino bonus wagering and still have plenty of bonus – and profit – left.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are not there to catch you out, just to make things fair and whether you are using a casino bonus just for a bit of fun to extend your playing time, or are taking a more scientific approach and hoping to profit in the long term, being aware of at least the basic terms and conditions is essential.

The most important things about a casino bonus to be aware of are…

  • Games – do all games count, which are excluded and which count at 100%?
  • Codes – is the bonus added automatically or do you claim it via a code or email and must you join through a certain link to claim the bonus or is it open to everyone?
  • Amounts – what’s the smallest deposit to get the bonus, what’s the maximum bonus, is there a maximum wager per game and what percentage is the bonus?
  • Time – are there time limits, for example from when you join the casino to when you claim the bonus and when you claim the bonus to when it expires?
  • Wagering – how much must you wager/rollover to clear the bonus, is the rollover based on the bonus only or the deposit and bonus
  • Exclusions – are players from your country included in the offer, can you claim the casino bonus if you’ve already have a sports free bet, are some games not permitted, does mobile play count?

Not falling foul of any of those basic requirements is the first step towards profiting from a casino bonus as if you don’t know the basics you may not get the bonus at all, you may end up wasting it or you could lose it for playing the wrong games or missing a deadline.

Is the Bonus Profitable?

Some bonuses are so generous that they actually mean the player will expect to make a profit overall, regardless of what they do or how lucky they get. By calculating the wagering required, the total cost of the offer and the house edge on the eligible casino games, it is possible to calculate if any given offer has a positive expectation for the player.

For example, if a mobile casino offers you a £10 no deposit bonus then whatever you do, on balance you would expect to make a profit from this because there is no risk. No players lose and whilst the wagering requirements mean that not all players win, some do, which means that the overall expectation for any individual player is positive. As such, you should always take advantage of any no deposit offers you see – there is no downside, only a possible upside.

If you are playing purely to profit from a casino bonus then you should only use bonuses that tip the odds in your favour, however, most players visit mobile casinos for fun and as such any bonus that boosts your funds, thus allowing you to play for longer, place bigger bets or try different games may be worth trying.

How to Clear the Bonus

Whilst most casino fans are in it for fun, profit is, of course, totally linked in to winning when it comes to any form of gambling. As such, trying to walk away with a few extra quid from a bonus is very much part of the fun and aside from heeding the essential bonus terms and conditions as outlined above, there are one or two other little bonus tips and tactics that can help you along the way.

Go for the Big Win

Unless the bonus is super generous and slowly working through the wagering gives you a mathematical probability of completing the rollover in profit, you’ll probably need a good dose of luck in order to make cash from the offer.

Other Casino Tips and Freebies

Playing for larger stakes early on is a good way to approach most bonuses, where the terms allow such a strategy, as one or two good wins can set you up for the rest of the wagering. One option is to play a game like blackjack, or even the colours in roulette and play a few high stakes games to try and quickly double up your money. Of course, you may lose, but should you win you’ll build up a decent bankroll that should allow you to then gradually work through the wagering and still have a nice sum left.

Alternatively you might play slots but instead of playing at 50p a spin, try £5 or £10 per spin, again with the aim of landing a big win that will then allow you to “grind out” the rest. The logic here is simple. Because the casino games favour the house, the longer you play, the more likely they are to win. However, over a shorter period you have a better chance of luck overcoming the odds and so you are more likely to build up your bank with a few high stakes wins that you are with lots of smaller stakes ones.

Play the Games with the Lowest House Edge

Some games favour the player much more than others and so, where possible, you should complete the bonus wagering with these games. Of course, this theory applies equally to playing with bonus cash as it does with your own money and it’s clear that playing a game with better odds of you winning is certain to lead to a better return.

The games that have the smallest casino advantage, such as blackjack and video poker, rarely count at 100% towards casino bonus wagering but it’s still worth checking the terms to see what will work best. If slots count 100% it’s also worth checking which slots offer the highest return to player, with some excellent online and mobile slots now having a very low house edge that can be compared to some of the more traditional casino card and table games.