Biggest Ever Casino Wins

Casinos both traditional and online loudly boast about the massive jackpots available, but does anyone ever beat the house and win that life altering amount of money? Here are five true stories of people that did, with some of the biggest wins ever!

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Archie Karas

The story of Archie Karas is legendary in gambling circles. A Greek immigrant to the US, he arrived in Vegas with $50 in his pocket. After a two and a half year run of success he’d amassed a fortune of $40 million playing poker, pool and dice. His luck ran out in 1995 when he lost it all in the space of three weeks (never chase those losses guys!).

Still active on the gambling scene, Karas recently avoided a jail term for marking cards playing blackjack. If you want to try and emulate Karas’s original, lucky run, have a look for the best casino offers and casino bonuses online first and at least give yourself a fighting chance.

MIT Blackjack Team

In the 1990s a group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to apply their brains to the problem of how to win at blackjack. Setting up an after-school club, they applied statistical methods to the game to develop a method of card counting and team work that won them $5m until their reputation caught up with them and they were banned from casinos across the US and Europe. Has the movement of gaming online led to more opportunities for winning?


The current biggest online casino payout was to an anonymous Finnish man known only as ‘Peter’. He started playing the ‘Mega Fortune’ progressive slot game with just a €0.25 stake and walked away with €17.8m (around £12.5m Sterling at current exchange rates).

The biggest online payout in the UK stands at £5.4m won in 2013 by a deep sea fisherman in Aberdeen. The fisherman had played sportsbook and poker games online and went on to win the jackpot on online slot games. On announcing his win he promised not to give up the day job, saying he would miss it too much. Would you do the same? Before trying your luck online check out the latest casino offers including casino bonuses and no deposit offers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Charlie Wells

Right back in 1891, Charles Deville Wells was becoming famous for ‘breaking the bank’ at the Monte Carlo Casino. In an 11 hour session of roulette, Wells broke the bank 12 times and won one million francs (around £10m in today’s money). He returned to the casino later that same year and continued his lucky streak. The casino hired private detectives to try and determine the secret of Wells’ roulette success but never worked out the answer.

Mark A – Mega Moolah Mobile Casino Win

A Canadian known only as ‘Mark A’ won a massive $7.5m (Canadian), worth around £3.5m from his mobile phone! Lucky Mark was playing progressive Mega Moolah at a mobile casino he had been registered with for only seven days in April 2015. He’s now made history as the winner of the largest jackpot ever on mobile! With mobile casinos growing ever more popular how long will his record stand and how much will the next mobile jackpot be? Mega Moolah is available on mobile at Sky Vegas and certain other mobile and online casinos.