5 Tips for Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around and undoubtedly one of our favourites for a range of reasons. It offers glamour, simple yet engrossing play and the opportunity to vary your bets between high risk but big reward and smaller payouts but more wins.

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Naturally enough there isn’t a tip we can give you that will see you swap Barnsley for Barbados or Canvey Island for the Cayman Isles but our top five online roulette tips will at least increase your chances of walking away with a profit and also increase the likelihood you’ll enjoy your time at the wheel. For info on how to actually play roulette, check our our mobile roulette guide.

  • Pick a good casino – a simple tip but probably the most important. Choose your mobile casino well and you’ll get great games, reliable roulette and a casino you can trust, as well as generous bonuses for both new and existing customers. Choose badly and you’ll get crap games that crash, delays when it comes to getting paid, a bonus that gives you know chance of cashing out and, worst case scenario, a casino that goes bust with your money.
  • Never play double zero – a lot of the best online and mobile casinos and roulette sites don’t even have double zero games but some still do. NEVER play these as the house edge jumps from a very respectable 2.70% to a far less favourable 5.26%, almost doubling the level of luck you need to make a profit.
  • NEVER use the Martingale System – the Martingale System is the most sure-fire way to add one thing to your roulette experience – tears! It doesn’t work and whilst some dodgy sites will try to charge you for its secrets we can tell you now, plain and simple, never, ever use it!
  • Don’t chase your losses – in effect the Martingale is a betting system that chases your losses and this in itself is a reason to avoid it. If you lose, you lose. FISH, as the kids might say. Accept it and move on because if you chase, ok, some days you might break even, but others you’ll lose far more than you can afford.
  • Ignore previous spins – the roulette wheel has no memory. Red can come up 25 times in a row and the probability of the next spin being red are the same as they always were – slightly less than 50%. Likewise, just because your number hasn’t come up all night doesn’t mean it’s “due” or any more likely to pop up. The roulette wheel has no memory and every spin is brand new, with the same probabilities as every other spin.

Those are our top five roulette tips and apply whether you’re playing on mobile, on desktop or even in your local casino. We’re sorry we couldn’t tell you how to get rich quick but remember that anyone who claims they can is lying. Unless they say “rob a bank”, or even “be a banker”!

One way to boost your casino balance, of course, is to claim a great welcome bonus and we’ve got loads of those so if you fancy a game of roulette why not check out the latest casino offers and see if your luck is in?