Five Great Books on Casino Odds, Strategy and Theory That Evert Casino Fan Should Read

Having a night out in a casino or playing casino games online or on your mobile can start off as a fun pastime with winnings a bonus, but if you’ve decided it’s time to get serious and develop some proper strategies for gaming, here are five great casino books that can help you do just that…

Gambling 102, Mike Shackleford
In 19 short and easy to read chapters, this book takes you through all the major casino games, including blackjack and roulette, and explores strategies to use for each. Using methods that have been developed using mathematical models as well as real-world play, this book explains how to approach each game to give yourself the best chance of winning. The book is really aimed at readers who already know the rules and basics of each game but want to refine their approach to maximise their opportunities for success.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gambling Like a Pro, Stanford Wong & Susan Spector
Most useful for getting beginners up to speed, this book also provides a useful reference guide for the more experienced player. It covers the whole range of casino games and tackles online gaming. Its real strength is its simple, easy to read format. The book is co-authored by Stanford Wong, the pen name of John Ferguson, a blackjack player and Stanford University professor. Ferguson has been a regular on the casino scene since the 60s so knows his stuff.

Casino Gambling for Dummies, Kevin Blackwood
Part of the popular ‘For Dummies’ series. As its name suggests this book will take you through the basics of casino gambling. It offers more than just an overview of each game though, also covering how to understand your odds of winning and how to manage your money. It includes insider information on tactics that casinos use to maximise the amount of money you spend to make you wise to their tricks! An up to date guide, it covers the world of online casinos as well as the traditional gambling house.

The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling, Edwin Silberstang
The late Edwin Silberstang was a renowned casino expert, authoring several books on the subject and acting as a gambling consultant to films. In this book he summarised the knowledge he built up over the years, covering how to approach each game strategically, as well as chapters devoted to how to approach gambling generally. Packed with information, it’s considered by many to be the authoritative book on playing the casinos.

Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways, Andrew Brisman
A real gem of a book, this guide doesn’t attempt to dazzle you with tales of how you can become instantly rich, but instead provides facts, figures, statistics and well thought out approaches to how best play the casino. Using tables showing the house edge, it explains which games you might be able to beat the house at, and which are best played for fun. Written by the clever people at Mensa, it provides a common sense guide that you’d be wise to read over before placing your chips.

Of course once you’ve done all that reading and swotted up on strategy, you’ll want to start playing. Before you do make sure you’ve had a look at the best current casino offers, or join a new online/mobile casino and grab a great bonus!